Programs And Projects


The Center produces public exhibits on land use themes and issues for galleries and museums, and for exhibition in CLUI spaces in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Regional exhibits focus on land use within a defined geographic area, such as a state or neighborhood. Thematic exhibits are usually national in scope, and examine a particular land use phenomena or issue.


The Center conducts guided tours for public and private groups. Usually these tours are led by the CLUI on video-equipped buses, as part of a CLUI Exhibition Program. The Center can be commissioned to conduct specialized tours for educational organizations, if scheduling permits.


The Independent Interpreters program is an ongoing series of presentations by selected artist and researchers whose work might be of special interest to the CLUI audience. These presentations are in the form of an evening lecture with slides or films, or as an exhibition of material, and sometimes both.


The Center engages in a number of interpretive projects in the field that are designed to draw meaning from land use sites and phenomena. Many of these projects represent extensions of traditional interpretive techniques, and are designed to expand the methodology into new fronts.


Thematic Program Areas are subject categrories that have been selected for extended research and examination by the CLUI. Selected themes are studied in an ongoing manner, with findings periodically presented to the public in the form of publications, lectures, exhibits, or other programs.


The Center operates a residence program to support the development of new interpretive methodologies and ideas. The program is open to artists, researchers, theorists, or anyone who works with land and land use issues in an innovative and engaging manner. Residents primarily work out of the CLUI facilities at Wendover, Utah, and explore and interpret the landscape of that remarkable desert region.


The Center publishes guidebooks, catalogs, and other books addressing land use issues. These publications, as well as selected titles from other publishers, are available through the CLUI store in Los Angeles and at our online shop. The Center also publishes a newsletter, The Lay of the Land, which is distributed to interested parties worldwide.