Recommended Books

Badlands: New Horizons in Landscape

Bill Mann’s Series of Guidebooks to the Southern California Desert

Copper on the Creek: Reclaiming an Industrial History
Curtis Cravens

Detroit City Map
Kati Rubinyi

Furnace Press Decomposition Library

Greetings from the Salton Sea: Folly and Intervention in the Southern California Landscape, 1905-2005
Kim Stringfellow

Simparch with Steve Rowell

Jackrabbit Homestead: Tracing the Small Tract Act in the Southern California Landscape 1938-2008
Kim Stringfellow

Land Arts of the American West
Chris Taylor and Bill Gilbert

LIC In Context: An Unorthodox Guide to Long Island City
Paul Parkhill and Katherine Gray

Playa Works: The Myth of the Empty
William Fox

Polar Inertia: Migrating Urban Systems
Ted Kane

Deborah Stratman

Robert Smithson: The Collected Writings

X-Plane Crashes: Exploring Experimental, Rocket Plane & Spycraft Incidents, Accidents & Crash Sites
by Peter W. Merlin and Tony Moore

Uncommon Carriers
John McPhee